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Скачать Рефераты по american food. Все языки; Русский The theme of genetically modified food is actual as every year it takes the greater place in our diet.

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Traditional American Food. Americans eat a lot. They have three meals a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. Most of Americans don't eat home but prefer to go to

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2. Food nourishes language. 3. Food for different cultures a. From land and sea b. From high in the mountains c. Meals in Britain d. American food and drink e.

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17 апр. 2010 г. - What is “American” food? The answer is that it is part Italian, part British, part German, part Mexican, part Chinese When people from other
American food is definitely multinational, just like its population. People from other countries when arriving to the USA brought with them their national recipes.
19 дек. 2007 г. - Visitors to the US often think that there is no real American food, only dishes borrowed from other countries, or else that Americans eat only fast
Most times when people hear the term American Food they think of fast food: It consists of old Native recipes and new Spanish ways of preparing and cooking.